2023 WRAS Basketball athletes participate in the TCA team tarp challenge

The Western Region Academy of Sport held its annual Athlete Orientation on November 12 and 13 to launch the 2023 sports programs.

Over 130 athletes and coaches selected in the Basketball, Cycling, Golf, Hockey, Lone Star, Para Sports and Triathlon programs were in attendance over the weekend. Trials for the WRAS Greater Bank Netball squad will be held 20 November finalising all squad selections for the 2023 programs.

On Saturday, the athletes undertook a range of sessions including team meetings, sport specific education sessions and physical testing and movement screenings with the support of Charles Sturt University Exercise Science Interns.

All WRAS athletes participated in a session with Teams Challenge Australia (TCA) involving a range of challenges designed to foster team communication, leadership, problem solving, comradery and team chemistry.
WRAS Executive Officer, Candice Boggs said the TCA sessions offered the athletes a chance to bond as a squad whilst also learning about how their breath can impact performance.

“The TCA sessions saw our athletes participate in unique tasks like the team tarp, partner blindfold obstacle and rope whisper challenges. These activities were important for bonding to gel the squad at the start of their WRAS Program. The TCA staff finalised each session with education about how athletes can control their breathe to utilise oxygen” Boggs said.

On Sunday, the Basketball and squad Hockey squad trained locally whilst the Triathletes undertook sport specific testing and the Cyclists competed in the Bathurst Cycling Clubs handicap races.

Reflecting on the weekend Boggs said it was an overall success.

“Orientation weekend is always a great opportunity to bring all athletes and coaches together to understand the big picture of WRAS and the overall purpose of the academy,”

“We’re looking forward to working with this year’s cohort of athletes and coaches, I’m sure we will see some amazing achievements from this group in 2023.”