The Greater Bank WRAS Netball program provides high performance coaching and training opportunities to up-skill athletes and assist them in progressing to higher representation within the sport of netball.

The program is endorsed by Netball NSW and provides talented netballers the opportunity to grow as netballers and people within the framework of Netball Australia’s Develop a Diamond program.

The program sits between local representative netball and higher order representation such as NSW state team selection.

The 2020 netball program will run from November 2019 to October 2020 with program trials to be held in September and October 2019. Athletes will graduate from the program at the 2020 Presentation Night in August.

For more information about the Netball Squad Staff Positions —–> Netball Squad Staff information

Follow this link to nominate for a squad staff position.

Athletes invited to Phase 2 Trials
Bailee Adams (Narromine)
Mia Baggett (Mudgee)
Jayde Buerckner (Orange)
Ashleigh Carlow (Gilgandra)
Monique Chang (Cowra)
Taliyaha Chatfield (Bathurst)
Keira Copeland (Bathurst)
Bronte Cullen-Ward (Bathurst)
Jessica Curtin (Orange)
Kate Davis (Dubbo)
Lucy Dean (Orange)
Sarah Dickerson (Bathurst)
Ellen Dolbel (Parkes)
Sophie Falconer (Cowra)
Charli Greatbatch (Orange)
Evie Hall (Dubbo)
Aaliyah Hawes (Mudgee)
Sadie Keegan (Orange)
Eva Keegan (Orange)
Grace Kemp (Bathurst)
Millicen Klaare (Orange)
Paige Lowe (Bathurst)
Charli Lynch (Bathurst)
Holly Lynch (Blayney)
Courtney May (Dubbo)
Makayla McKeown (Geurie)
Maddison Morgan (Dubbo)
Asha Nicol (Orange)
Macey Niemeyer (Dubbo)
Summer O’Connell (Bathurst)
Taya O’Neil (Bathurst)
Amity O’Brien (Orange)
Faith Ryder (Bathurst)
Kate Statham (Cowra)
Rosie Stoddart (Mudgee)
Mimi Taylor (Bathurst)
Halli Tighe (Dubbo)
Hannah-Lee Williams (Bathurst)
Abigail Williams (Bathurst)
Hallie Wolfenden (Cowra)

Athletes granted an exemption from Phase 1 to attend Phase 2 Trials
Holly Board (Spring Hill)
Asha Yeo (Mudgee)

Athletes from the WRAS 2019 netball squad attending Phase 2 Trials
Lara Abbott (Bathurst)
Mariah Burnicle-Tavita (Mudgee)
Hope Coombes (Bathurst)
Georgia Cornish (Orange)
Olivia Dolbel (Parkes)
Ruby Eggert (Dubbo)
Megan Eslick (Orange)
Kate Fallon (Bathurst)
Zoe McAneney (Dubbo)
Ellie Mooney (Orange)
Lilli Mooney (Bathurst)

To be eligible for selection in the 2020 program athletes must:

  • be turning 14, 15 or 16 years old in 2020
  • be living or attending school in the WRAS catchment area
  • be a current financial member of their local association and Netball NSW
  • submit a nomination form before the closing date and attend a phase 1 trial day.

The following selection criteria may be taken into consideration during the selection process:

  • Physical attributes and capabilities
  • Technical competence
  • Tactical awareness
  • Potential to improve
  • Competitive ability
  • Individual application
  • Performance and results at specific events
  • Coachability and behaviour
  • Intensive training sessions by local elite coaches
  • Skill development
  • Inter-Academy Development camps
  • Strength and conditioning/Injury prevention screenings and programs
  • Sports science fitness testing
  • Educational seminars
  • Opportunities to compete in elite events such as the Your Local Club Academy Games

Squad Athletes

Lara Abbott (Bathurst)
Isabella Attwater (Narromine)
Clancy Best (Bathurst)
Mariah Burnicle-Tavita (Mudgee)
Jordyn Chapple (Parkes)
Hope Coombes (Bathurst)
Georgia Cornish (Lidster)
Olivia Dolbel (Parkes)
Ruby Eggert (Dubbo)
Megan Eslick (Orange)
Kate Fallon (Bathurst)
Georgie Geyer (Bathurst)
Poppy Keegan (Orange)
Annalise Maier (Parkes)
Zoe McAneney (Dubbo)
Bailie-Rose Miller (Orange)
Lilly Mitchell (Orange)
Ellie Mooney (Orange)
Lilli Mooney (Bathurst)
Ella Muller (Bathurst)
Emily Provost (Orange)
Aurella White (Forbes)
Amelia Wilcox (Orange)
Zali Yeo (Mudgee)

Satellite Athletes

Isabella Brotherton Farr (Orange)
Maddy Coombes (Bathurst)
Kate Davis (Dubbo)
Lucy Dean (Orange)
Asha Nicol (Orange)
Isabella Shearman (Mudgee)