The WRAS program provides high performance coaching and training opportunities to up-skill athletes and assist them in progressing to higher representation within the sport of basketball.

The WRAS basketball program is endorsed by Basketball NSW as the first step in the elite athlete pathway and represents the Developing Athlete Program (DAP program) for the Western Region.

Athletes in the Basketball NSW SPP program are eligible to trial for the WRAS program.

The program sits between local representative basketball and higher order representation such as NSW state country team selection.

The 2022 basketball program will run from October 2021 to May 2022. Nominations for the 2022 Basketball Program are now open. Athletes will graduate from the program at the 2022 Presentation Night in August.

Nominations for the 2022 Basketball program have now closed. To express interest in the 2023 Basketball Program click here

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To be eligible for selection in the 2022 program athletes must:

  • be turning 13 – 17 years old in 2022
  • be living or attending school in the WRAS catchment area
  • be a current financial member of their local association and Basketball NSW
  • submit a nomination form before the closing date and attend one of the scheduled trial days
  • be playing local representative basketball

The following selection criteria may be taken into consideration during the selection process:

  • Physical attributes and capabilities
  • Technical competence
  • Tactical awareness
  • Potential to improve
  • Competitive ability
  • Individual application
  • Performance and results at specific events
  • Coachability and behavior
  • Intensive training sessions by local elite coaches
  • Skill development
  • Inter-Academy Development camps
  • Injury prevention screenings and Strength and Conditioning training programs
  • Sports science fitness testing
  • Educational seminars
  • Opportunities to compete in elite events such as the Your Local Club Academy Games

Head Coach: Adam Marjoram

Assistant Coaches: Scott Holmes, Claire Bynon, Jessica McGrath, Kieran Osborn

Apprentice Coaches: Chrystal O’Brien, Molly Croft, Jade Windle

Graduate Squad
Jack Apps (Young)
Joshua Bywater (Dubbo)
Max Campbell (Bathurst)
Carter Godson (Orange)
Max Johns (Bathurst)
Chiranjeev-Singh Kalsi (Bathurst)
Damon Koles (Lithgow)
Kurt Lansom (Bathurst)
Rhys O’Neill (Gilgandra)
Tallis Thomas (Orange)

Senior Squad
William Burton (Bathurst)
Kyan Campbell (Lithgow)
Charlie Fischbeck (Bathurst)
Riley George (Bathurst)
Hamish Larsen (Dubbo)
Jai McMillan (Lithgow)
Archie Morris (Lithgow)
Lochy Nolan (Gilgandra)
Luke O’Neill (Gilgandra)
Jai Simcoe (Lithgow)

Development Squad
Callum Bowen (Dubbo)
Jaxon Burton (Bathurst)
Sam Bynon–Hargreaves (Dubbo)
Archie Dickson (Dubbo)
Lowan Francis (Lithgow)
Austin Hunt (Dubbo)
Milo Mages (Orange)
Cohen Weir (Dubbo)

Training Partners
Xavier Lyden (Orange)
Oliver Molloy (Orange)
Pierson O’Dwyer (Bathurst)
William Pheils (Bathurst)
Kalan Traves (Bathurst)
Karol Villanueva (Dubbo)
Jarvis Whalan (Bathurst)

Graduate Squad
Roxy George (Bathurst)
Sophie Harvey (Orange)
Ainsley Holmes (Orange)
Rachel Masling (Orange)
Phoebe Moller (Bathurst)
Maya Thompson (Orange)
Lara Winterton (Orange)

Senior Squad
Sage Annis-Brown (Orange)
Chloe Goodman (Lithgow)
Ruby Griffin (Bathurst)
Keeley Holmes (Orange)
Elka Lee (Lithgow)
Kiara McKeown (Dubbo)
Tayla Mongan (Dubbo)
Millie Sutcliffe (Dubbo)
Tilly Wilson (Dubbo)
Emily Winterton (Dubbo)

Development Squad
Milly Benton (Orange)
Sian Campbell (Bathurst)
Jazzy Gordon (Dubbo)
Cyarah Hargraves (Dubbo)
Maddison Hart (Lithgow)
Shaylee Holmes (Orange)
Tully Pickering (Dubbo)
Clancy Toshack (Dubbo)
Hannah Wallace (Lithgow)