WRAS programs offer quality support and development opportunities to assist talented young athletes from the region achieve sporting excellence.

Our programs offer athletes:

  • Intensive training sessions by local and visiting elite coaches
  • Skill development
  • Inter-Academy development camps
  • Strength and conditioning/Injury prevention screenings and programs
  • Sports science fitness testing
  • Educational seminars
  • Opportunities to compete in elite events such as the Your Local Club Academy Games
  • Opportunities to attend high performance training camps

All program are supported and endorsed by the relevant state sporting organisation.

As a part of the Australian Institute of Sport’s Winning Edge Strategy, the FTEM (Foundations | Talent | Elite | Mastery) Model was developed to identify elite pathways in Australian sport. The Regional Academies of Sport are recognised in the FTEM model. WRAS along with the other regional academies in NSW are commissioned by many sports to operate in the T (Talent) section of the pathway moving athletes from T1 to T4. (taken from RASi website)