WRAS programs offer quality support and development opportunities to assist talented young athletes from the region achieve sporting excellence.

Our programs offer athletes:

  • Intensive training sessions by local and visiting elite coaches
  • Skill development
  • Inter-Academy development camps
  • Strength and conditioning/Injury prevention screenings and programs
  • Sports science fitness testing
  • Educational seminars
  • Opportunities to compete in elite events such as the Your Local Club Academy Games
  • Opportunities to attend high-performance training camps

All programs are supported and endorsed by the relevant state sporting organisation.


As a member academy of the Regional Academies of Sport (RAS), WRAS is a key system partner of the NSW Office of Sport’s Future Champions Strategy. The Future Champions is a four-year strategy launched in December 2019 by the NSW Office of Sport, that aims to equip and empower our foundational and emerging athletes (and their parents, coaches etc.) to fulfill their sporting aspirations and engage and unite our pathways sector and stakeholders to provide them the best support at the right time.

For more information about the NSW Office of Sport Future Champions Strategy follow this link


Adapted from the original FTEM Framework (Gulbin, Croser, Morley & Weissensteiner, 2013), the FTEM NSW Participant and Athlete Framework developed by the NSW Office of Sport, is directly informing and supporting the guidance and ongoing support provided by the Office of Sport Pathways team including the NSW Government’s Future Champions – Pathways to Sporting Success strategy.

The Regional Academies of Sport are recognised in the FTEM model. WRAS and the other regional academies in NSW are commissioned by many sports to operate in the T (Talent) section of the pathway moving athletes from T1 to T4.

For more information about FTEM NSW, follow this link 

For more information about Pathway resources, follow this link