The Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS) is excited to announce our exciting new partnership with Underwriting Agencies of Australia (UAA).

We are delighted to sign a multi-year partnership with UAA who will be the major sponsor of our inaugural Indigenous Talent ID program (ITID) as well as our Basketball Program. The Central Coast Academy of Sport (CCAS) launched their ITID program with the support of UAA a few years ago. This concept has been extremely successful for CCAS in offering local indigenous talent an opportunity to secure a full sports program scholarship. WRAS will aim to replicate this program with the support of our regions most experienced coaches.

Michael Murphy, UAA Group Chief Executive Officer said of the partnership, “UAA is a locally born and bred company dating back to the early ’80s, committed to diversity and inclusion, striving to always promote this within our organisation. Our most recent endeavour is to build on our talent identification program in the Central Coast by launching into the Western Region as well.  By supporting pathways for Indigenous youth in Australia we are enhancing the educational, employment, training and career development opportunities for people of Indigenous descent by offering scholarships in the Academy of Sport programs,” he concluded.

For further information about UAA, please visit this link: