With the 2021 WRAS Presentation Night moving online, we were still able to acknowledge our graduating athletes, their achievements and our incredible squad staff.

Kalinda Robinson (Cycling) was named as the 2021 WRAS Athlete of the Year, following a dominant year in the velodrome.

She was selected to represent Australia at the World Junior Track Championships in Egypt, although the event was cancelled due to COVID. She was also selected by Cycling Australia as a developing athlete in the National Track Sprint Program, was a recipient of the NSW Commonwealth Games Grant for her outstanding talent and potential and is a NSWIS Scholarship holder. At the 2021 National Track Championships Robinson claimed one gold, two silver and one bronze medals while at the 2021 NSW Track Championships she claimed four gold medals.

Cushla Rue (Lone Star – Football) was announced as the 2021 WRAS Athlete of the Year runner up.

This year, Cushla was selected in the future Matildas Squad and recieved an invitation to the Opens Age Group Matildas Women’s Talent ID Camp. She was nationally identified as a top 50 female Australian soccer player, a top 30 athlete for her age group (u20’s) and went through the Young Matilda’s selection process for the u20’s Australian team for the ’22 World Cup.

The Chairman’s Award for Excellence was presented to Zoe McAneney (Netball) of Dubbo. As a dedicated student, Zoe goes above and beyond at every opportunity, balancing her school leadership commitments, part-time work and athletic pursuits.

The Squad Athletes of the Year (highest achiever in their sport) were:

AFL                                         Tasmyn Davies (Hampton)

Basketball                             Charlie McCormack (Ariah Park)

Cycling                                   Kalinda Robinson (O’Connell)

Golf                                        Cooper Starkey (Bathurst)

Hockey                                   Kelsey Webb (Bathurst)

Lone Star- Football              Cushla Rue (Bathurst)

Netball                                   Hope Coombes (Bathurst)

Para Sports – Athletics        Aaron Houston (Bathurst)

The Coach’s Award recipients (for the most dedicated or improved athlete) were:

AFL                                         Paige Lowe (Bathurst)

Basketball                             Lara Winterton (Dubbo), Jai Simcoe (Lithgow),

                                               Roxy George (Bathurst) and Emily Winterton (Dubbo)

Cycling                                  Daniel Googe (Bathurst)

Hockey                                  Addison Chapman (Orange) and Ashton McDonald (Lithgow)

Netball                                  Makayla McKeown (Geurie)

The Chairman’s Award recipients (overall excellence) were:

AFL                                        Jade Leven (Bathurst)

Basketball                            Phoebe Moller (Bathurst)

Cycling                                  Ebony Robinson (O’Connell)

Hockey                                  Jordan Moody (Parkes)

Lone Star – Athletics           Ella Penman (Dubbo)

Netball                                  Zoe McAneney (Dubbo)

The Strength and Conditioning Award recipients (for the most dedicated or improved athlete in S&C sessions) were:

Cycling                                 Cadel Lovett (Bathurst)

Hockey                                 Meg Turner (Parkes)

Lone Star- Tennis               Tayla Brasier (Bathurst)

Netball                                  Zoe McAneney (Dubbo)

The Volunteer of the Year Award recipient was Mitch Bland for his continued commitment and enthusiasm as he goes above and beyond to ensure the WRAS cycling program is a success.