Dr Trevor Clark Dean with the 2021/2022 WRAS S&C Interns

A two day intensive course has seen WRAS coaches, interns and community members upskilling themselves in how to incorporate strength and conditioning practices into training sessions.

The course was aimed at providing fundamental skills to help the athletic development of athletes to progress from club to state representation.

Both days were split between theory and practical application of the content, with the attendees transferring their knowledge into gym-based environments and outdoor running drills.

Overseeing the course was Dr Trevor Clark Dean, who with 37 years’ experience in sport, education and coaching provided invaluable insight over the weekend.

WRAS Sports Program Manager Caitlin Knox said the course was a terrific professional development opportunity for the WRAS coaches, interns and community partners to foster coaching development in the region.

“This weekend had lots of key learnings that all participants can take back to their teams and athletes. We would like to thank ASCA [the national body of Strength and Conditioning] for all their support in running the course. We hope to¬†continue to provide opportunities like these in the future to continually improve the development of our coaches, interns and academy partners in the Western Region,” Knox said.