The inaugural WRAS Underwriting Agencies Australia (UAA) Aboriginal & Torress Strait Islander Talent ID Day (ITID) was held on Friday 27th May with 76 high school students from 14 high schools across the western region represented.

Indigenous students got the opportunity to participate in sports science tests in the morning session before showcasing their sports skills across Basketball, Golf, Netball and Rugby League.

The students were overseen by four experienced coaches well versed in talent identification, Adam Marjoram (Basketball NSW Western Development Officer & WRAS Basketball Head Coach), Mardi Aplin (Regional Performance & Pathways Manager), Jess Skinner (NRL Pathways Strategy Manager & First Nations Gems Head Coach) & Bruce MacLean (WRAS Golf coach).

The day was designed to be a ‘first of its kind’ opportunity, with the aim to identify students who could be offered opportunities to advance to fully funded scholarship positions within the current WRAS sports programs. 

Caitlin Knox the WRAS Sports Program Manager described the day as an excellent opportunity for the Academy to utilise our resources to identify talent and provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander athletes across the Western Region.

“The format of the day allowed us to interact with athletes that we have not seen before and help them become familiar with the testing and skills that can assist them to take the next steps in their chosen sport. It was great to have Jess, Adam, Mardi and Bruce volunteer their time and all the kids really appreciated their coaching and feedback. The partnership with UAA provides WRAS with the opportunity to facilitate events like today, focusing on talent identification and support to regional ATSI students.”