Phil Cole and Nancy Haslop at the 2003 WRAS Presentation Evening

Best known for a forty-year association with 2bs and B-Rock FM, Phil Cole has been responsible for sharing some terrific sporting stories.

With a passion for telling local stories, Cole says he loves celebrating all performances from across the central west.

“I’ve always been very parochial having attended Bathurst High School and I get excited about talking up outstanding performances whether they be in sport, the arts or some other endeavour,” he said.

“We have lots of amazing people in Bathurst and the western region that we can be extremely proud of and my association with 2bs and B-Rock provided great vehicles to talk up these achievements.”

Wally Gaynor, Nancy Haslop and Phil Cole

Cole’s background in the media and his passion for sport is why Nancy Haslop (former WRAS Executive Officer) encouraged Phil to apply for a position on the Board.

In 2003, Phil commenced his first term as a WRAS Board member. Bringing a wealth of promotional knowledge, his contributions to the academy also extended to the master of ceremonies at the annual presentation evenings, an experience he loves.

“I enjoy presenting the squads and announcing the athletes of the year and often new members of the WRAS Hall of Fame. The WRAS staff have always done an awesome job of arranging the night, so it really does run itself,”

“I particularly enjoyed the many interviews I got to conduct with Hall of Fame Recipients. Mark Renshaw, Nathan Burns and Edwina Bone come to mind, along with the amazing athletes who attended the Presentation Dinners as guests of honour,”

He now uses his expertise during academy media training sessions to help athletes share their sporting stories.

Phil Cole (centre) running the 2020 Individual Athletes through a media training session at Orientation

“The main point of the sessions is sportspeople remember every aspect of their event, so who better to tell the story. I try to remind them that there is no right and wrong, so smile and tell the story with confidence because we are all proud of your achievements and want to celebrate with you,”

“But I also want to help teach the athletes about social media, to help them think carefully about what they post as everything should put WRAS, your fellow competitors, your sport, coaches, managers and officials in a good light,”

Phil’s vital role in promoting WRAS athletes, programs and sponsorship opportunities has provided so many great stories and memories. He was inducted as a WRAS Life Member in 2016 after 13 years of support to WRAS and its members.

We are forever grateful for the knowledge and skills you bring to the academy. Thank you, Phil Cole.