Current WRAS Jacob Lamb and Cooper Starkey at the 2021 North vs South Golf Tournament organised by JNJG.

Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG) commenced a partnership in 2010 with the Regional Academy of Sport (RASi) network to support the pathway for regional golfers.

Across the eleven regional academies including the Western Region of Sport (WRAS), JNJG provides support to identify pre-elite golfers between 12-17 years old through the implemenation of specialist services in local areas.

The partnership between WRAS and JNJG contains several benefits, including financial support, program direction and guidance, resources for program delivery, guest coaching appearances and value-added activities like the North vs South Cup.

Khan Pullen, High Performance Manager with Golf NSW says the support is aimed at developing athletes on and off the court to provide them with a steppingstone into elite state and national development programs.

“The relationship between JNJG and RASi is like having a series of JNJG Talent Identification offices across the state that provides several benefits,” Pullen said.

“Through the WRAS pathway athletes are exposed to sports sciences, personal development modules, training programmes and coaching sessions, aimed at developing their understanding of the holistic nature of becoming a modern golf athlete,”

“As a result athletes interact, train, and compete with like-minded peers helping them become aware of what is required to fulfil their potential both on and off the course, and for higher level development and representative opportunities,”

Pullen said the support for regional athletes is an important step to ensure JNJG’s talent capture is effective and the sports growth in the western region is maintained.

“Much of our talent comes from regional areas and to be able to support these athletes and their families save time and expenses is a strong reason for JNJG supporting regional pathways,”

“Working with WRAS provides Golf NSW/JNJG with a knowledge base of talent identification, development and sports administration, the presence and reach in the local community, access to local resources and their willingness and flexibility to work with the sport to achieve our objectives,”

WRAS has been extremely thankful for the partnership and passion Jack Newton Junior Golf and Golf NSW has brought to the western region and our golfers.