Tuesday 10 January 2012 Rotorua

Sightseeing- Tue

We had an early morning start today, we went to Rotorua. The first stop was Skyline luge and gondola.  We went racing through the mountain and Brooke was racing a little too quickly and stacked it going down the advance course.  After the luge we were invited to lunch at netball Rotorua. It was amazing to see the effort they put in to feed us.

After lunch we went to Te Puia for a guided tour. We were appointed one of the funniest tour guides to show us around the Geyser and mud pools. We also saw Kiwi birds that were fast asleep.  We were then shown the carving and weaving schools.  Our tour guide showed us some traditional carvings and Maori garments.

All in all it was a fantastic day with lots of fun and adventure.

Zoe B

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1 Response

  1. Donna Anderson says:

    Sounds like you are all having a great time. Keep an eye on Nancy and make sure she behaves herself 🙂 Donna