NZ Netball Tour 2012 – Sat 14 January

Auckland Sat

Today was going to be a really fun and relaxing day, we pretty much had the day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted to do.  We had to meet at the ferry terminal at 12.  Most people didn’t get out of bed ‘til after 8 as we didn’t have to do anything early that day.  I was excited that I could go shopping in Auckland, and I was very excited about the ferry trip across to Devonport.   Our room group left the hotel at about 9.30 to go do some shopping before our ferry ride.  I was starting to get very excited to go home tomorrow.  The ferry trip was very relaxing and there were some nice shops over at Devonport.  After our ferry trip we had the afternoon to ourselves so we did some more shopping and I spent lots of money.

We went to Elliot Stables for dinner which was really nice. Then we went back to the hotel and did a little presentation then six of us went across the road to the bungee ride.  I was so excited to go on it, it was dark which gave it that little bit more of an edge to it.  I was starting to get tired so went back to our room and packed for tomorrow.


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