Netball NZ Tour – Final Training Thur 12 Jan 2012

Final training day – Thursday

Today we played the New Zealand girls in a friendly tournament.  Unfortunately we lost both games, although it was disappointing it was a lot of fun.  We got a preview if we took on some of Carols coaching advice.  We then had a combined game with the WRAS and BOP girls mixed together.  Once again I was in the losing team but it was a close game all the way through.  Instead of Kelsea doing a warm down Jodi one of the coaches decided to take us to a step class as a warm down.   We were dreading doing it as we were all tired from the weeks training but we got in and had a go anyway. A few minutes in everyone was so uncoordinated and I struggled to keep in time. I turned around and saw the BOP magic team jog in and join the class. Everyone was surprised and excited to meet them.

That night everyone was still on a high from meeting the Magic, most didn’t get to sleep til one in the morning as we got up and had a midnight snack.  The funniest part of the night was the Gecko dropping on Lucy’s head in the middle of the night.


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