Netball adventures – New Zealand 2012

Training day three – Wed 11 Jan 2012

Today was one of our hardest days for training. Our first session was with Kelsea our Strength and Conditioning coach.   She worked us very hard.  We started off with fartlek training.  We did this for approximately 7 minutes.  After this I’m pretty sure all the girls wanted to call it quits.  But for Kelsea she was only just starting.  We walked over to some stairs and ran up and down them for a while then did a lot of strengthening between runs up the stairs.   After this we did a core strength test, there was 11 stages and I have to say it was hard and painful but I made it to level  11. Unfortunately we still weren’t finished.  We finished off with a circuit which took forever.  Everyone was happy when we finished and had morning tea.

In the second session we had Carol and Anita (mum).   With Carol we did defence and with Anita we did attack.   In the third session we did team training.   All of us WRAS girls talked about strategies and game play.  We played a few half court games against one another getting ready for the game against the New Zealand girls tomorrow.   We finished off the day very tired and it wasn’t long until we were all sound asleep.


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