Harness Racing Education Program

WRAS is excited to announce applications are currently open for our inaugural Harness Racing Education Program.

This program is the first of its kind in the Western Region and is supported and endorsed by Harness Racing NSW. The program will consist of three education sessions covering the following topics:

Session 1 – Saturday 25 November 2017

Strength & Conditioning / reaction time, rewards associated with involvement in harness racing, sports psychology and goal setting, nutrition, social media, where to from here

Session 2 – Saturday 16 December 2017

Animal Welfare – equipment & animal care, key industry rules and regulations, pathway opportunities, tactical driving theory, strength & conditioning feedback (results and recommendations from session 1), steward’s advice and integrity of the sport

Session 3 – Saturday 3 February 2018

Alcohol and social drug advice, media training, finance and travel opportunities, dealing with owners and interview techniques

Thanks to the support from Harness Racing NSW this program is free to all applicants. To nominate for the program click here Nominations close 9am Friday 10 November 2017.

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