Behind the scenes

I have been a part of the WRAS netball squad for a year and have just recently had my scholarship renewed for the 2011/12 program. This week I am in the WRAS office doing my work experience placement. I have learnt that it isn’t easy being Nancy and Brett in the office; they do a lot of work trying to help all the athletes, which includes a lot of paper work. This week I have completed some administration, including reception work and re-organising the office (which was full of sporting and rookie camp equipment), not to mention heaps of other jobs! Brett and Nancy do a lot more than just look after the athletes; they do things like financial control, correspondence, public relations and communication with athletes, sporting bodies and the media which aren’t all easy tasks.

I have enjoyed my time in the WRAS office and wouldn’t mind getting a job like this after I leave school and attend university.

By Darcie Morrison                                                                                 

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